The church has a vibrant children’s Sunday School of nearly 300 hundred children whose ages range from 5 years to 12 years.There is also provision made for the under five-year-olds who are not simply cared for, or merely looked after, but who receive age-related  instruction and engage in learning activities.  The Sunday Schools meet twice on a Sunday alongside the 8.00am and 10.00am church services.

The children are taught and cared for by a dedicated team of teachers, assistant teachers and helpers, under the leadership of the Superintendent. Some of the teachers have much experience, and have served the Lord and the church in this way for many years, while others are relatively new.  Some of the teachers are themselves quite young and the church is grateful for the help of these teenagers. Currently the assembly part of Sunday School prior to the children going to their classes is led by the some of the church youth.

The Sunday School curriculum is of course Bible based and the materials used employ good teaching methods allowing for teacher-pupil interaction.

The medium of instruction is in English but there is a large group of Setrswana speaking children who receive instruction the Setswana language.