OBC Family Fun Day Recap

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Who said, “there is no fun in Christ?”  If that was your thought, you may want to reconsider.

What an accelerating start! The day was kicked-off with special musical selections.  These were variety of gospel music from different genres including some flaring, entertaining Reggae, Hip-Hop and African tunes among others.  So current they were, that many, hearing them, initially wondered about their origin.  Until the voices of Papa San, followed by Chevelle Franklyn and finally the voice of Lecrae and Trip Lee and Joyous Celebration. Such is the skill and “sound-dexterity” of the OBC media team who appropriately directed and the sound of the day.

What a Family Fun Day it was as the Botswana winter slowly dissipated and the temperature rose at a surprising (unusually warm day for the 03rd of August) but a suitable high of 27 degrees Celsius, at least for the day’s activities.

Upon entering the car park of the Open Baptist Church (OBC), the other exciting fever observed (apart from the music) was to view the zest and enthusiasm of the stall-owners from far.  As they busily prepared their stalls, creativity in view as they stocked them making them look attractive.  The first of its kind, the Fun Day, promised to be one of frolic, with lots of food and fun of course.  Yet, it was not just the three “F”, it was a time of getting-to-know-members, a time of fellowship.  Fellowship on a one-on-one level and more importantly, fellowship in Christ, our Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.

Wait! Then came another sound.  It was about focusing, it was about reshaping one’s attention. It was the audible, cool, radio voice of Reitumetse Keikotlhaile, as she officially declared the Fun Day opened.  The announcement began as she combed-through the compound offering logistic directives.

With more than ten food stalls, displaying many sumptuous, delicious, “mouth-watering” dishes.  These comprised of a variety of international cuisine from Kenya, Zambia, India, and Botswana among others.  With rich tantalizing   aroma that hits the nostrils and awakened the taste bug. There was no way one could be within the ambience of such aroma and not indulge.


The attraction continued with the donning of traditional clothing like skirts and dresses but there were also T-shirts (some branded with different messages) which prospective shoppers who were almost lured from stall to stall.  However, not only were there clothes stalls; there were souvenirs, (photographic and others), miniature household items, jewellery, books on spiritual growth from the Navigators and other items from the more than nine dry-goods stalls.

Simultaneously, the fun was almost as hot as the sun, when one’s attention was turned to the playfield.  Games and physical activities galore:  A triathlon of sack race, egg and spoon race, followed by three-legged race. These and other games were contested by representatives of the various Home Fellowships.  Activities like horseback riding, face-painting among others enhanced the day’s entertainment bundles. The competitive activities climaxed with Tug-of-war.  Pastor Asafa and his wife led from the front, as they not just cheering supporters but were literally involved in many of the activities and games.

The Block 3 Home Fellowship walked away with the trophy, coming out as the overall winner, it brought about an excellent team-spirit. As we all celebrated with them, the trophy will be remembered but the underlining value emanated from the many interactions of the day’s activities, brought more than a memory-recall.  It brought value to OBC’s overall fellowship, it brought out another side of us – a bit of social and physical need-satisfaction (at least for those who attended). Reminding us that there is more to us than spiritual needs to attend. Remembering also the other purpose; to share tangible with some of our unfortunate Batswana in our society. A love gift showing in a practical way – the extension of God’s love.

Fascinatingly, one of the high fun-time of the day, was watching these races that involved members from across almost all age groups.  The older and middle with the young and younger age group, especially regarding the three-legged race.  The running coupled with the intermittent falls.   What excitement! What togetherness we can capitalize on, to build fellowship, frolic-interaction and fun.  Fun in the Lord.

The day’s events were endorsed by Pastor Asafa. He encouraged the iGnite Youth, from which the organizing committee derived, as they showcased their potential.  As part of the organisers of the event and others from other departments, worked tirelessly before and on the day.  Reaping the fruits of their labour, they, as well as some of us waited with an enquiring anticipation as teams fought for the trophy.

However, since many members were absent and with such dynamic fellowship as ours, this Fun in the Sun Family Fun Day should not be a one-off event, it should at least be an annual one.


(Written by: Howard E. H. Brown – August 03, 2019),

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