Attending OBC does not make you a member – a membership application process takes place.

1. By becoming a member, you become an important partner in helping the church accomplish its mission (Together in Christ to The World.)

2. Our church wants to be a church that serves you and wants you to own the church by becoming involved in some ministry within the church and by enjoying the privilege of participating in, and enjoying fellowship of, God’s people.

3. Membership at OBC allows you to share in the life and service of church.

4. Allows you to be part of decision -making process through voting privileges.


Membership at OBC is open to all who:-

1. Have a testimony of personal salvation experience in Jesus Christ

2. Are in a agreement with, and support of, the church statement of faith.

3. Committed to active and regular fellowship and Ministry in the church according to individual giftedness and interest.


Membership therefore entails privileges and responsibilities

1. Commitment you make to a local body and your fellow member.

2. Member’s responsibility to serve the Lord, support, attend , pray, care etc

3. The church body has a responsibility to serve, care, and instruct the members.

4. In a big church like OBC, smaller groups become necessary. You will receive care and encouragement in your faith by not only joining but also becoming a regular attendee at a Home Fellowship Group near to you.

5. Please note that regular attendance at church service(s) does not mean that you a member.


Orientation classes for new members happen often.

If you are contemplating to become a member at OBC, please call 3184082 for more information.