The Church’s major task is to evangelise and make disciple.  OBC has been doing this since its early days.  But the formalised ministry of evangelism is a recent creation among several other ministries.

Objectives of Evangelism
1. Conduct evangelism through altar calls from the pulpit.
2. Conduct evangelistic outreaches through door to door sharing and open air preaching.
3. Firmly establish a member in the Lord through teaching and nurturing and guide him/her to a Church group where he/she can have meaningful fellowship, bible study
and spiritual growth.
4. Baptize by immersion all who receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, attend OBC, and are not ignorant of the faith in Him.
5. Be missions oriented through evangelism, caring and Church planting.

Evangelism Vision
Every believer a disciple a year

Evangelism Mission
Evangelism and discipleship shall be practised by OBC through active pulpit ministry, evangelistic outreaches (including sports), teaching and training in evangelism and discipleship, involvement in missions, and Church planting.
1. Mobilise the Church membership to commit the Church’s evangelism effort to God in prayer, privately and corporately, as an on-going activity.
2. Train most, if not all, members of the Church on personal and group evangelism (witnessing) and follow-up
3. Establish more Home Cells to ensure that every member can attend one
4. Make altar calls after preaching to encourage those present in the Church service to respond
5. Every quarter or term prayerfully identify an area for evangelism, spiritually survey the land and move in to evangelise it
6. Where and when necessary provide for the needy in any identified area
7. Where and when necessary plant Churches
8. Identify avenues of evangelism, like sports, music, etc. and develop evangelistic capabilities in such avenues and use them
9. Conduct teachings, seminars or workshops on relevant aspects of Spiritual Warfare either at whole Church level or group level
10. Conduct teachings and seminars at group level to show groups how they can evangelise in their area and at their level
11. Procure literature that can be used for evangelism.  Evangelistic tracts could be written by members too
12. Cooperate with organisations that are actively involved in evangelism in Botswana.
13. Identify and encourage evangelists in the Church through training within the resources of the Church.
14. Preach and teach on evangelism.
1.  Evangelistic outreach to an identified area
2.  Training in evangelism and discipleship
3.  Sports outreach with the youth
4.  Reaching the neighbourhood children