At some point in our lives, each of us will experience tough times that need the love and support of the Pastoral Care Ministry. Death, illness, marital difficulties, financial problems, counseling needs and aging are among the many concerns common to each of us. Just when you need them most, our Pastoral Care staff and volunteers are ready to walk beside you along this bumpy road we call Life. At OBC, you will be greatly comforted in knowing you are surrounded by those who love you and want to help.

We engage our members in ministering to people’s spiritual, physical and emotional needs through the leadership of a team of trained lay caregivers. We assess and verify the individual’s needs, and then seek to provide a ministry response that helps the individual address their short term and long term needs.

We know that life is full of challenges and we are here to provide support and assistance for individuals and families who are struggling with life issues. We serve anyone in our church and local community, regular attendees, and those without a church home. We have a variety of resources and services that we would like to make available to you. We invite you to make use of our counseling and prayer ministry after every worship service.