Bulletin 7th August 2016

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Face The Nation would like to invite the Church and all the Prayer Partners for a Thanksgiving Service which will be held here at Open Baptist Church on Saturday 13th August 2015 from 9:00am until 2:00pm. Your presence will be highly appreciated.

On Friday 12 August 2016, Ignite Youth in partnership with Youth for Christ Botswana, welcomes Pastor Ashley Augustine from Liberty Church in Joburg, to launch the Youth Week 2017 campaign here at OBC from 6:30-9:00pm. All youth are invited and welcome to attend.

Winter is gone, Summer is here! The School of Discipleship is back with a bang and with wonderful tracks to empower all worshippers with essential principles and skills to be effective in our callings as Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the marketplace and in our community. The Summer SOD will feature two not-to-be-missed tracks.

Track 1: Disciplers’ Course.
This track will introduce believers who have demonstrated evidence of becoming disciples and spiritual maturity into the act of disciple making. Those who complete this phase will join the Discipleship/Leadership Team as disciplers who will assist in the Lord’s mandate of discipling others. This track will cover several areas of discipleship (condition, cost, benefits, etc), leadership, mentoring, stewardship, Christ’s mandate & witnessing, understanding of the Church and God’s Kingdom and purposes on the earth. All Elders, Deacons, House Fellowship leaders and Ministry Workers are expected to attend this important course which will equip us to do discipleship the Lord’s way.

Track 2: Becoming A Christian Entrepreneur.
This track is aimed at young people who want to broaden their career considerations, and adult business starters who want to strengthen their entrepreneurial capabilities and opportunities and will emphasize the desired Christian virtues of accountability, integrity, faithfulness, etc, in the context of starting, running and growing businesses.

Track 3: GODZONE: A separate track is planned for children.

The Summer SOD is scheduled to start on Sunday, August 21st, 2016 at 6pm.for 10 weeks. Registration opens today and is essential. To register, please phone the Church Office (3184082 or 71323456) or fill the form during the Church Services and submit to the Ushers or to the office.

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