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The Church is hereby informed that there will be a QGM on Sunday 3rd August 2014 at 11.00am. This change in date became necessary due to certain unforseen circumstances. We sincerely apologise for this. To this end, there will be only one service on that day beginning at 9.00am.

The following have been nominated into the Diaconate at the OBC. We commend them to your prayerful consideration. Voting for deacons takes place at the QGM on the 3rd of August 2014. We remind you that the biblical qualifications for a deacon are found in 1 Timothy 3:8-12 and Acts 6:3.

Duties of the deacons are generally done through the following ministries:
Security, Care, Finance, Library and Communications, Maintenance, Property Development and Ushering. The names of those nominated and who have accepted the nominations are:

1. John Mzumara was born a Catholic some 56 years ago and raised as one. He went to Junior Seminary School, looked at other people in other churches and said, “They are wasting their time.” After form four, he left the Seminary School and went to the university.  On 22nd December 1975, a certain brother witnessed to him about Jesus Christ from John 3:16. John then asked God to forgive him of his sins and accepted Jesus Christ into his life. That was when he realised that he was actually the one who had been wasting his time by not accepting Jesus Christ into his life.  He went to the UK in 1978 and for three years, fellowshipped at the Hounslow West Evangelical Church. He married Stella in August 1991 and they joined the Blantyre Baptist Church in Malawi in 1992. God has blessed them with three beautiful girls and one son.  He has seen the Lord deal with him in difficult, happy and painful times in his life but he has always experienced His grace.

2. Albert Munandi was born in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, to a God-fearing family of the Methodist Church. He later gave his life to the Lord in 2004 at the Masvingo Christian Church where he served in the finance and ushering ministries and at times supervised the youth ministry on Friday nights. Albert and his family decided to make OBC their family church and became members in 2011, having attended it for two years. He is currently in the Finance ministry (helping to count the tithes and offerings), as well as the Security and Stephen’s ministries. He is married to Jean and they have been blessed with four children and two grandchildren.

3. Jean Munandi was born in Zimbabwe and has been married to Albert since 1983. She was born again in 1974 in Zambia. After relocating to Zimbabwe in 1983, she attended the Methodist Church where she was involved in the ladies ministry. In Botswana she attended various inter-denominational churches in Jwaneng and Gaborone until the family found a home at OBC. She is currently involved in the Care Ministry as the Secretary since 2011. She is also a Stephen’s Minister.

4. Lazarus Mugala received Christ as his personal Saviour in 1980 in Zambia during a youth conference. He served as the Youth Chairman in a local Baptist Church, from 1983 to 1993 and got married to Rose in 1986. He also served as a Church Secretary and Deacon for the same Baptist Church (Chimwemwe Baptist Kitwe) from 1987 to 2000. When he came to Botswana in 2000, he started attending the Open Baptist Church, where he became a member in 2003. In 2005 he started serving in the Finance Ministry, counting the tithes and offerings at the Church. God has continued to bless him as he faithfully serves Him.

5. Loice Chabhabhiwa Mwale was born again in 1995 at the Bible Life Ministries in Gaborone. She joined the OBC in Maruapula in 2005 where she was baptised and felt at home. She is married with four children. She has served in the Ushering Department in OBC since 2007. She loves her Lord Jesus Christ.

6. Nyerere Obita was born again in 1991. In 1997, he re-dedicated himself to God and committed to serving Him wherever the Lord puts him. He has served in the Sunday School, Youth Ministry and in various other capacities at the OBC. He is married to Dr. Tonya Arscott-Mills. He is self employed and also serves on the Board of Youth for Christ, Botswana.

7. Joseph Chileshe has been married for 27 years and is blessed with four children. A Zambian by nationality, he gave his life to the Lord when he was in high school (in the 80’s), and re-dedicated his life in 2003 at the OBC. On 25 December 2010 in South Africa, after listening to a message at the Spirit Word Ministry, he responded again to the altar call to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savoiur. He was afterwards baptized. In 2011 he became a member of OBC and later joined the counselling team after a short training.  He is also a member of the Botswana FreshStart team.

OBC Singles Ministry targets unmarried adults aged 18 years or older. Our mission is to build a generation of men and women who can successfully lead their lives through Christ, give them grounding in relationship management and prepare them for marital life. We do this through persistent prayer, tactful seminars and events and through the provision of relevant resources. We hope this information will help to bring an understanding about this ministry. Remember, no one is ever too young or too old to learn.

Please join us on Sunday 13th July starting at 8.30pm for the World Cup finals as we conclude our Outreach.
Argentina vs Germany – 9.00pm.

Please note that there will be no Sunday School slasses on 20 July due to the long weekend. Sunday School & Little Lambs will meet only at 9.00am on Sunday 27 July,  due to  the  church meeting.  The 8.00am Little Lambs re-opens on 3 August.  We continue to appeal for volunteers to help at both 8.00 and 10.00am Little Lambs.

Opportunities are available to play a significant part in the Sports Ministry.
1.    NETBALL LEAGUE has just started and OBC has not been able to raise a team!  We only need 10 players.  Register with Connie Mokgwathi (73649775)
2.    CHESS ASSOCIATION: All chess enthusiasts are invited to register with Maxwell Machoko (71628744) or the Sports Office
3.    BASKETBALL LEAGUE games will start on Saturday 19th July 2014.  Basketballers be ready.  Register with Taffy Chifamuna (71490114) Thandi Tumelo (71324252)
4.    BASKETBALL PRELIMINARY COACHING COURSE: will take place in AUGUST.  Register now with the Sports Office
5.    YOUTH/SPORTS LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR: will take place in AUGUST. More information to follow.
6.    RED CROSS LEVEL ONE FIRST AID COURSE: will take place in AUGUST. More information to follow.

The next meeting of the Gospel Group will be held on Thursday 24th July, 2014 commencing at 5.30pm.  The NAVIGATORS have gracefully accepted to share the Word and witness to us.

This is to announce that Miss Ibukun Oladiran will be getting married to Dr. Olumide Aluko at OBC, Gaborone on Saturday 16th August 2014, God willing. We covet your prayers.

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